Multifunctional Pipe Robot


Multifunctional Pipe Robot

Wireless HD Periscope PEEK-2S

TOP 1 Wireless HD Periscope in China
Unique Reliable and Stable Wireless Communication Technology
4 Million Pixels Camera and Avoid Cockamamie Cable-Connect Issue

Robot High-light Characteristics

Modularized Design
Big Horsepower System
Real-Time Chassis Form System
Disperse Steam Camera
Double Screen Interactive
Gamepad and Touch Screen Control

Periscope PEEK-2S High-light Characteristics

TOP 1 Wireless HD Periscope in China
Gas Transducer is Avaliable
HD Camera
Laser Ranging
Easy to Disassemble and Assemble Battery
Lightweight Machine

Application Scenarios

Pipe Robots currently complete a wide range of specialized activities including Municipal Sewer system inspection, nuclear power exploration, archaeology, tank-truck inspection and pool deteciton,etc.